NPIP# 23-529 - please consider insurance NPIP# 23-529 - please consider insurance
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91 Fairview Street
Barnesville, Pa 18214

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

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Shipping & Policy


PLEASE NOTE: All merchandise becomes the buyer’s property as soon as it is given to the freight carrier. The freight carrier is responsible for the complete and safe delivery of the merchandise.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to thoroughly inspect the merchandise when delivered. If there are any shortages or damage, it should be clearly noted on the Bill of Lading and photos should be taken. Freight carriers will deny all claims that have not been noted on the Bill of Lading.
Entire USPS Alert document located here

Due to the live nature of our products we only ship Monday Tuesday & Wednesday. Typical orders will take one day to process for rush orders please call our direct line.


ATTENTION! New USPS shipping terms just released there is no Priority 2 day anymore as of 7/1/19. Priority mail is now 2-5 day. Please see the attached link HERE to see what zone you fall in. All shipments start from zip code 18252

Shipping is a 3rd party service if you have had issues please contact the USPS. the results of shipping live product is out of our control. Otherwise please schedule a pick up at our farm As we can guarantee a quality product. 

NPIP# 23-529

***After you order USPS will deliver to your closest post office and then hold the birds and call your phone number for a pickup. they won't drop the birds unattended. ***

If a custom order size is required please call or email and we will put an order together for you.

*Customers are responsible for scheduling their orders around weather conditions, both snow & extreme heat.

Our birds are potentially susceptible to extreme weather conditions greater than 80F. If you must ship your birds we recommend splitting you quantity into additional boxes to give them more air during the shipping process. Birds are non-refundable if shipped during the above outlined conditions.

Shipping and pick-up as well as bulk delivery options are available. Please visit our contact us page for more info.


How long will it take for you to ship my order once you receive it?
Orders shipped by express mail through the US Postal Service usually are shipped within 24hrs if paid by credit card Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.
Can I get birds shipped to me to arrive on a weekend?
No, the post office does not allow for birds to be shipped for arrival on a Saturday or Sunday. All arrivals must be during a weekday.
Will I be notified as to when the birds will be shipped?
Yes, when you order you will receive a confirmation email, and when your birds are shipped you will receive a tracking number via SMS text message and/or email. You can also log on to our website and go to "Track Order" and enter your email address and order number to track the status
What is the average shipping cost?
Priority mail $20-$25 for Express mail depending on the weight of the box; $75 - $135 (ultimately depends on airlines and weight)
Can birds be shipped FedEx or UPS?
No those carriers do not accept any live birds for shipping. Fed Ex does carry live birds for the Post office but FedEx will only accept live animals from USPS
Is it safe to ship by mail?
Yes, it is very safe to do so, and most orders arrive in excellent time and birds in great condition. There are exceptions however if the USPS does not keep to their promise of time frame the added stress and time frame could be detrimental to the livability of the birds
Can I insure the birds?
Birds cannot be insured through the USPS for live arrival! However, We offer our own insurance for live arrival (location depending) and will issue a credit for replacement lost birds. If our stock is depleted we will issue you a credit. 
How long does it take for them to arrive?
By Express mail, about 1-2 days, sometimes longer it all depends on your location, by Priority mail it is 2-5 days and quality is not guaranteed by the USPS look up your Zip code to find out the zone your local PO is in. (birds will not last more than 4 days in hands of the USPS)
Will they arrive at my doorstep or will I have to go and pick them up?
All live shipments must be picked up at your post office. the USPS determines the PO that is closest to address you give us to be printed on the label. if there are multiple PO in your area they will select one at their discretion. If you want a specific PO please give us that as your shipping address. the tracking number is also issued by the USPS. 
What should I do when the box arrives?
Open the box  (Release the birds into a smallholding cage, where you can observe them carefully to determine their health and condition... Once you have determined the birds to be in good condition, give them ample food and clean water in containers that are plainly visible to the birds. Do not assume they will know where food and water are!! Be certain the food and water dishes are placed where your new birds will see them clearly. if you are taking the birds right to the field this is fine as well for instant use. there is no need to put in holding pens to use the birds
Do you guarantee live arrivals?
LIVE ARRIVAL IS COMPLETELY GUARANTEED on all SAME DAY EXPRESS SHIPMENTS By the Courier. We take lots of time to prepare the shipping experience in such a manner to minimize stress so that most orders experience no losses at all.  If in case there is a loss, rare but it can happen the USPS will reimburse the customer if photo proof is submitted to their claim. It's worth noting that the USPS will only reimburse the value of the shipment never the cost to ship the product. We rarely lose birds shipped by Priority Express mail, knowing that they are resistant to stress even if slightly delayed via this method so really we think the risk is extremely minimal by express mail and we heavily recommend it. Regardless, if you choose express mail, you also automatically accept all risks involved.
Live Arrival Guarantee

If a bird has perished upon arrival from Express shipping, store credit is issued from our company once the USPS claim is filed if denied. The credit will be equal to the amount paid for the bird. We will generate a future-purchase coupon code to acquire additional products. If you choose to replace a perished bird, any shipping costs, including travel boxes necessary to ship live birds, are solely the customer's responsibility. To honor our guarantee, we require notification, in writing, within 24 hours of receipt, along with a picture of the perished bird sent to us & a denied USPS claim.

What do I do if a bird is dead on arrival?
Call us or email me right away and let me know the status of the birds (WITH PICTURES). If we don't answer the phone, leave a message or send an email but please contact me that very same day the birds arrive.
What if a bird dies the next day.
If you suspect any problems with the birds on arrival you should contact us right away to see if anything can be done to save a stressed bird. Often times there are measures that can be taken to prevent the death of a bird that arrives in a stressed condition. We offer a credit on your next order for replacements for birds that stress out and die shortly after arrival provided you call me the day the birds arrive to tell me there is a problem. However, the buyer must notify me immediately after arrival to say that something is wrong & provide photo proof with your order number in the photo. If you wait 2 or 3 days to call and tell us some have died then there won't be any replacement issues. Losses that occur after the 1st day should not be considered our responsibility.
Can I get a refund for dead birds?
No refunds are given, ONLY a credit towards a future order if photo proof is submitted the day of delivery. No exceptions. Please see the above stipulations for qualifying for credit
Can I visit the farm and pick out the birds I want?
Yes, customers are welcome to visit the farm, see the birds and purchase some at that time if you want to. we do ask for a 24 hr heads up prior to arriving. Please call or email to make an appointment for a specific date and time, so that we have the proper personnel in place to greet you
What are the hours or days that you are open for visits?
Generally, weekends are the only time that we are able to extend a visit to the farm. But you can contact us to see if I am available on other days, and often times I can make arrangements to show you the birds if given sufficient time to plan ahead.
Do the weather conditions make a difference on shipping?
No, not usually, although I would try to avoid blizzard and heatwave conditions (high 80's and above), they have not posed a problem in the past. If you have the chance please notify your local PO and make sure they bring the birds inside prior to their arrival to enjoy some of their AC. it helps greatly.
How many birds can you ship in a box?
please see each product page for quantities per box.
Can you ship different kinds of birds in a box?
no, we cannot.
If I buy a lot of birds can I get a discount?
please call the office and we can discuss the applicability of the size of your order