Shipping & Policy

Due to the live nature of most of our products we only ship Monday Tuesday & Wednesday. Typical orders will take one day to process for rush orders please call our direct line.

***After you order USPS will deliver to your closest post office and then hold the birds and call your phone number for a pickup. they won't drop the birds un attended. ***

If a custom order size is required please call or email and we will put an order together for you.

*Customers are responsible for scheduling their orders around weather conditions, both snow & extreme heat.

Our birds are potentially susceptible to extreme weather conditions greater than 80F. If you must ship your birds we recommend splitting you quantity into additional boxes to give them more air during the shipping process. Birds are non-refundable if shipped during the above outlined conditions.

Shipping and pick-up as well as bulk delivery options are available. Please visit our contact us page for more info.