“Here at Field Trial Magazine and Wild Apple Kennel we are a long way from anyone who raises birds. A number of years ago Marty Told me he could send me birds using Priority Mail. Since then it has worked great. The Birds arrive on time and healthy. I have yet to lose one in shipment, and they have proven to be strong flyers that have been a great asset to our program.”

— Craig Doherty, editor Field Trial Magazine


    “Wild birds are the most important ingredient in our dogs. But the dogs have to be yard worked and trained to develop the basics towards the finished polished shooting dog that handles wild birds the right way. That basic training requires a good supply of hard flying pen raised birds that mimic the real thing as best as possible. When we work on the basics we like to rely on Zukovich Game Birds. Marty’s birds can be counted on to fly hard and strong every time, even in the worst weather. A good supply of domestic birds plays a vital role in not just breaking dogs but putting the intense polish and style into them that is required of any field trial champion and we require to qualify any dog in the kennel as a grouse shooting dog of distinction.”

— Craig Peters, Keystone Setters


    “While training dogs, how many times have I groaned when i saw a dog closing in on a sickly bird, or noticed that I have a pen full of puffed up goners? How can you encourage a dog’s pointing instinct when the bird can’t or won’t move because of poor condition? The solution has been Marty Zukovich’s birds. They are consistently healthy, strong, and long lived. Buying from him has been a real asset to our training program, saving us time and money through the efficiency of doing the job right the first time.”

— Sarah Conyngham & Dave Marshall, Owners of Centerville Farm & Kennel